Against the Tide

At CodeSailors - we think outside the box and create solutions that suit your company and simply make it better. Excellent coding skills and our business instinct provide you with the best software. We are a programming company operating within the Polish capital group, which associates several companies, especially from the furniture, luxury goods and virtual reality markets. The group employs almost 200 people in Poland. We work on large, proprietary systems affecting the development of entities within the group, and at the same time carry out ambitious projects for external clients.

Business PeriScope


Dedicated systems

Mobile apps

IT Consulting

Why so different?

Sea Dogs

We have gained experience by creating new brands for the European leaders in the consumer electronics market.

Old Companions

During the years - together we’ve solved multiple problems, accomplished numerous projects and bonded unlike any other.

Three Forces

We joined our forces, gathered a team of developers and shipped out – against the tide – to help Your business.

Agile Crew


CodeSailors sp.z.o.o. w likwidacji
ul. Młyńska 12,
61-730 Poznań

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